Thursday, January 8, 2009

Energy Changes

This is one of my favorite activities! It is perfect for middle and high school students but can be adapted for younger students as well. In the past I have used this as an introduction to the concept of "Energy". But it can be used purely as an exploration or after study has been completed. The activities described are student centered but do need to be supervised. Students will be making Alka Seltzer poppers, "doing work", setting up a pendulum, discussing renewable and nonrenewable energy resources, splitting water, and even igniting some hydrogen gas. The focus of all these activities is to answer :What is energy and how does it convert from one form to another? All activities are using household items and are perfect for homeschoolers and a science classroom. Feel free to pick and choose through the activities, removing those that might not be applicable for your situation or learning environment. These are sure to wake up even the hardest to entice 13 year old!! Have fun and leave me feedback or questions about the activities!

Energy Changes

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