Monday, January 12, 2009

Bored kids! Fun with static electricity!

Here is an easy and fun activity with one bored kid or the whole neighborhood of bored kids (and its cheap too!). Kids as young as 3 years old can enjoy this activity.

Materials: Balloons and household items.
The goal: What will stick to the balloon / What will the balloon stick to?

Blow up several balloons. Have the kids rub the balloons on their shirts or hair. Show them the magic of how now the balloon sticks to their hand and won't come off. Challenge them to find items around the house that the balloon will stick to. If the kids are older (2 grade and up), the kids can make a list of items.

Make it cool by placing some items on paper towels and seeing which items will stick to the balloon such as: salt, pepper, confetti, little bits of aluminum foil, wooden pencil shavings, saw dust, sugar...whatever else you can dream up.

Make it cooler. This works great using a tube-style flourescent bulb. Turn out the lights. Rub the balloon on your shirt or hair and touch it to the metal end. You should see the bulb breifly light up. This is my kids favorite! They do it over and over and over. I use the bulb out of our fish tank.

Have fun!


Kristie said...

I am so excited to find your science resources. As a homeschool mom, I am always looking for great ideas to engage my children with.

My son especially will thank you as well.


Anonymous said...

I haven't ever made it over to your blog, but I'm glad I did tonight! I have a passion for science as my dad is a scientist and I am also. I am always looking for some rainy day activities and ways to introduce science to the three kids . . . who don't even like bugs!!!!

Jen said...

First thanks for stopping by my blog! Second, what a cool site - I have three science loving kids so we may need to try out some of these!

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